We have a range of mid-size UAV, capable of lifting a range of cameras for up to 30 minutes at a time on perfectly stabilised three axis gimbals.


These allow for a high degree of creativity from dramatic sweeping estabilshing shots to to fast paced action from angles that can't easily be achived with ground based camers.


Key Features:


  • Highly transportable and quick to deploy

  • Operates with camers from Gopro to DSLR

  • Live down link from camera

  • Max operating altitude: 400ft above take off point

  • Max Range: 500m from operator

  • can be customized to the specific job

  • Exhaust free electric power systems.

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Key Features:


  • Super smooth tracking shots

  • Sweeping Panoramas

  • Motion control time lapse


Motion Control Sliders

Operated Hand held or mounted to vehicles or dollies the gimbals allow the cameras to be moved freely while maintining smooth stable images. The freedom of movement allows higly creative and dynamic motion and tracking shots


Key Features:


  • Dynamic camera movement

  • 360 degree freedom of movment

3 Axis Gimbal Camera Stabilizers

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