Data and photograph acquisition via multirotor and fixed wing UAV's

"Repeatable accurate flight make drones ideal for near-ground mapping"

Aerial Survey, Mapping & Inspection


  • Nadir Mapping

  • Elevation Mapping

  • Construction Monitoring

  • Difficult Access Visual Inspection

  • High level visual inspection

  • Construction Planning

  • Architectural Planning

  • Environmental Survey

  • Archaeological Survey

photo_features_3 photo_features_4 ebee-plus-high-precision-on-demand

We operate both multirotor and fixed wing platforms combined with high resolution cameras capable of capturing images for onward processing into detailed high resoulution 3D mapping


Our multirotor platforms allow High level inpsection of masts, roofs and other high level installations with no need for direct personel access. This removes the need for expensive access equpemnt allowing increased frequency of inspction at reduced cost and increased safety.



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